Physiotherapy, regeneration and recondition services

About Fyziokom

Fyziokom is a privately-run medical institution dealing with the diagnostics and treatment of the muscular skeletal system (Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation). We also offer regeneration and reconditioning services such as massages, manual lymphatic drainage, core training or personal training.

Fyziokom was opened in Holešovice, Prague 7, in October 2017. Before then, Zuzana Komárková's office was located in Hradčanská, Prague 6. Due to the full capacity, private medical institution Fyziokom was created at a new address with better and bigger space. With the new address came also new physiotherapists. Thanks to this, we can offer you shorter wait times, more flexibility and more professional care.

Zuzana Komarkova
Mgr. Zuzana Komárková
Chief Physiotherapist

Pavel Horak
Mgr. Pavel Horak

Ondrej Doubrava
Mgr. Ondrej Doubrava

Monika Grešáková
Anna Formanova
Massage therapist