Fyzioterapie, regenrační a rekondiční služby

About me

My name is Sylva Fisarova. I completed my physiotherapy studies with diploma at the Higher Medical School 5.kvetna in Prague. After graduation I focused on specialization courses that gave me a basis for my practice of a physiotherapist and expanded my skills.

Yoga and dynamic exercise styles have become my lifelong source of inspiration. I communicate in English and Italian.

My Experience

I have sixteen years of experience in the field of rehabilitation. I worked six years in several departments at the Olomouc University Hospital.There I was very fortunate to work under the guidance of a top capacity in the field of rehabilitation MUDr. A. Krobot PhD. and sourced valuable information from profesors of LFUP. In this hospital? I gained my key experience in many disciplines and focused on orthopedics and traumatology. Then I worked at in the Malvazinky Rehabilitation Clinic in Prague , where I had the opportunity to work with the founders of myoskeletal medicine, Mgr. Hanušová PhD. and graduate from the seminar of Prof.MUDr.K.Lewit Dr.Sc. My last seven years of experience are at the private clinic Barnamedical in Prague, which focuses on sports issues and disorders of the musculoskeletal system and is sought after by amateur and also professional athletes.

Sylva Fisarova

My Work Certifications

  • Dynamictaping
  • Corecomplex 1.2
  • Viscerovertebral relations and mobilization
  • Spiral kinesiology
  • Spiral stabilization of the spine - SMsystem 1A, 1B
  • Viscerovertebral relationships and their use in clinical practice
  • Complex therapy of triggerpoints and global muscle inhibition
  • Strength training course - Spiraldynamic
  • Course of? Spiraldynamic - Basic Med 1.and? 2.
  • Methodology of sensoricmotor stimulation
  • Diagnosis and therapy of functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system
  • Kinesiotaping - temtex tape
  • Movement and stability II. part
  • Forma- function - stabilization
  • Diagnosis and kinesiotherapy in idiopathic scoliosis
  • Applied kinesiology, exercises on balls and unstable surfaces
  • Quadrupedal locomotion and Klapp's climbing
  • Postural therapy based on developmental kinesiology
  • Methods of treatment of functional female sterility II. part
  • Methods of treatment of female steriles I. part

My work Philosophy

I use an individual approach to each client and based on my thorough examination I always try to find the cause of the problem. For therapy, I use a combination of techniques with an active approach according to the clinical condition of the client.