Fyzioterapie, regenrační a rekondiční služby

Repetetive tasks and movements, typically performed by computer users, secretaries, etc., negativelly affect the musculoskeletal system, often resulting in neck pain, chest pain, low back pain, frequent headaches or tingling fingers. It is necessary to heal such work related strain and stress either actively with appropriate excercis, passively in the form of massages and soft techniques for muscle relaxation and spinal and rib blockages. Appropriate ergonomics in the workplace is crucial. Employees who are pain-free work more effectively.

Physiotherapy at your workplace
As an employee benefit, you can provide your employees with individal physiotherapy, massage or consultation right at your workplace.

Employees going to a physiotherapist
As an employee benefit, you can negotiate a discount or prepay physiotherapy or massage for your employees, to take place in our office.