Fyzioterapie, regenrační a rekondiční služby

Crossfit Open begins

The CrossFit Open begins soon. Make sure you remember to take the extra time to allow your muscles to regenerate and relieve any muscle or joint pain. Physiotherapy is a helpful tool, not only when you are in pain, but to help you recover between training sessions.?Every session is individual and addresses your personal needs.

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The Open Prep

Get your body ready to perform. Physiotherapy aids in relieving blockage, muscle pain and ligament or muscle fatigue. A session can help by reducing the risk of injury or pain and or improving performance. This package offers to you:

  • elimination blockages of ribs or spine
  • special techniques for muscle and tendon pain and tension
  • techniques to stretch your muscles

2x 45min


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Survive the Open

The CrossFit Open is a hefty burden on your body. The only way to keep muscle fatigue to a minimum and make the most of your performances is to maximize recovery your body. Techniques for release muscle tension increase the metabolic process in your muscles and help with regeneration.

This package includes five 45 minutes sessions for every week of the Open. And offers to you:

  • special?techniques for regeneration your muscles
  • relief muscle and tendon pain
  • relief muscle tension
  • elimination blockages of ribs or spine
  • massage for muscle fatigue

5x 45min

2,000 K?

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Quick Help

Are you in pain and your muscles need help asap? Then do not hesitate to message or call to book an appointment. Crossfit Commited members will get special care and chance to schedule an appointment immediately. Are you looking for:

  • relieve muscle and tendon pain
  • relieve muscle tension
  • elimination blockages of ribs or spine
  • regeneration massage

1x 45min

440 K?

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